Welcome to bufyyz.sameboat.live!

a node of the sameboat network each of which takes the airport code(s) of the region it serves with this functionality:
  • affinity/interest group support
  • craigslist like classifieds
  • integration with video services¹
  • matching²

sameboat regional nodes (geonodes)

Distinguishing characteristics of the sameboat social network:
  • Regionally networked communities with rich function vs. an electronic classifieds, or commercialized social app/network.
  • Integral mobile app which is neither first nor last relative to the function of the whole function system app.
  • Topology, fewer but richer nodes.
  • Diversified nodes diverge over a commonly maintained software base within a culture independent system after the model of the per lang wikis.
Useful for anonymous users but designed for AKPERSONs with substantial service provided for token entitlement ³.
BUFYYZ serves the greater Toronto and Western New York metro region and has not yet budded to it's own MCP. buffalo.sameboat.live is and gta.sameboat.live will be the classifieds portals.
¹ Unlimited with jitsi for entitled users, external service support (in order of implementation): Zoom, Skype, others TBA.
² Generic but with personals/dating as first and type use case.
³ @ 5 工 / mo. Filters spammers and gawkers, sets minimum provenance vs. the typical 'free', i.e. advertising oriented, social network. Unnecessary with other current capitation.